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Give Amplify Connect

Wolfe Pack Warriors Foundation

There's a story behind every action. Give Amplify Connect  is a podcast from the Wolfe Pack Warriors Foundation that gives a voice to the Alberta-based charitable organizations creating community impact, changing lives, and making a difference. Driven by honest conversations with host Kristy Wolfe, it's a chance for passionated changemakers to share their story.

There is so much hard work and passion going into life-altering work in the nonprofit world. The foundation was looking for an avenue to give those voices a platformto share their purpose, hopes and dreams with the rest of us. That's how Give Amplify Connect was born.

Through unfiltered conversations with leaders of the nonprofit world, the podcast aims to not only inspire listeners but offer an inside look into what keeps these organizations moving forward.  The Wolfe Pack Warriors Foundation supports local charities in Alberta that are creating opportunities for access to the outdoors and athletics, children and their families, and women's education and leadership. 

Driven by honest connections, the Give Amplify Connect podcast is a chance for passionate people to share their story and message more broadly.

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